CILT Book Captured 16 Presentations

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT Nigeria) has unveiled a book titled “Perspectives on Sustainable Innovation in Global Logistics and Transport” at its recently concluded 2023 National Conference and Annual General Meeting in Lagos.

Speaking with newsmen, Editor of the CILT book, Prof Kayode Oyesiku gave an insight into the book, saying that it is made up of 16 outstanding international standardized writeups,
manuscripts on transportation and logistics and that three professors worked on it meticulously for one year.

According to the erudite Professor, “CILT during its past conference had almost 62 various aspects of presentations, from keynote address to syndicate groups,
but we have meticulously selected just 16 outstanding international standardized writeups, manuscripts for that particular purpose.

“More importantly, because we want the book to stand the test of time, we went through the rigorous process of the editorial of the book.

“We appointed consultants who are also in that field, well-known in that particular field, to go through all those papers to ensure that whatever we send out on behalf of the CILT Nigeria can actually be in competition with any other book that it is published anywhere in the world, and that is why it took us almost one year.

“We have refrained from publishing, we have refrained from the usual business of paper presentation at the conferences and it will come out in the proceedings almost during that particular conference. That is not good enough.

“We are converting every particular chapter to be very outstanding that can stand the test of time in terms of the journals that are published in the field of transportation and logistics, and that is why it took two professors, including myself, to sit properly, and go through these things within one year
and get one of the best printers to also come out with a well-designed output that can showcase what CILT Nigeria is all about.

“The book focused actually on the advanced technologies for transportation and logistics in Nigeria. What we are trying to look at, first of all, do we understand the concept of transport and logistics?

“A particular aspect of that publication looks at the concept of sustainable logistics.
We have come across all the time, sustainable transportation that has to do with safety, efficiency, customized, minimized costs and intermodality.

“That particular book focused so much on sustainable logistics. And what does it take to have a sustainable logistics?
If you look, for example, into the logistic performance index, right, among African countries,
they are actually within the lower bottom of the 135 listed countries. Nigeria is actually 154th out of it. And as many African countries are below Nigeria.

“So what we then advocate to make it more sustainable, what are the things that we need to do to ensure that logistics actually comes from through transportation development?

“The general argument that logistics can stand on its own, or transport can stand on its own, the book came out clearly that two of them are actually intersecting each other.

“There cannot be logistics without transportation. Transportation cannot succeed if facilitation of the trade is not being done, and that is where logistics actually takes place.

“We also look at logistics brought both from the private sector organization and also from the military, of course, logistics is a trade name in the military where it is derived almost 100 years ago.

“How do we then benefit from it?
Trade is the center of logistics. Trade is also the center of transportation. We then bring them together in this particular book.

“To a very great extent, there are several policies of the federal government that are also captured on this particular book” Prof Oyesiku stated

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